Vinylbox #3

Title: ...Live at Clouds Hill
Format: seven 10inch EPs + DVD
Releasedate: December 14th 2012
Release-ID: CHBOX3

In late autumn, when the temperature drops in Germany, an icy wind is blowing in Hamburg. While the rain lashes against the window panes, Clouds Hill is running hot preparing for December: The Clouds Hill Festival will be taking place and a work expedition in the form of a vinyl box set will be released before Christmas.

Clouds Hill‘s third vinyl box set will be released this year, a gem, consisting of seven 10inch EPs made of white vinyl. The box, limited to 100, also includes a DVD with more than 200 minutes of live performances of the bands, all this nicely wrapped and presented in a black gift box – from Clouds Hill for you. With devotion and love Clouds Hill pulls this out of a hat:


„There is no group more mythical than Faust.“ -- Julian Cope

Formed 1969 in Hamburg, Germany and considered the inventors of "Kraut Rock", Faust are key figures in 20th Century music. In the early 70's, along with Can and Kraftwerk, they re-invented pop music as a specifically European art-form. In their own studio they were able to revolutionize the whole process of musical production; they improvised with industrial noise, generated bizarre hypnotic grooves, indulged in shockingly willful studio-based collages and dabbled with every conceivable musical genre, sometimes simultaneously. Amongst those Faust have strongly influenced are Brian Eno, Joy Division, Cabaret Voltaire, Test Department, Neubauten, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth and a host of Industrial and Techno bands.

So it was no surprise when head of The Mars Volta Omar Rodriguez Lopez and musicians of Faust were improvising a session at the Clouds Hill studio in front of 150 guests and delivering a textbook vanguard performance including a chain saw and a jack hammer.


In September 2012, Bosnian Rainbows embarked upon its first tour under the banner of the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group with Rodrìguez Lòpez noting, "The tour was booked five months before it happened, and it was going to be another solo tour, and then at some point, I decided to start a new group and have a team effort. So it got booked one way, but I try to make it clear every night that this is a new group, and these are the names of the players, and “thank you.”" Before the tour the band spent time rehearsing and recording a live session at the studio Clouds Hill Recordings in Hamburg, Germany: The live session is set to be released as a part of the „...Live at Clouds Hill“ box set in December 2012. After the European leg of the tour they returned to the studio to record their debut album, which is expected to be out in 2013.

Regarding the band's influences and aesthetic, Rodrìguez Lòpez noted, "These are very much shorter, more to-the-point songs [than The Mars Volta's]. They still have spaces that stretch out, but what I mean to say is that it’s all the same influences that have been in most of my writing and all the people in my bands’ writing Can is there, Siouxsie and the Bansheesis there, Gang of Four is there, all the Led Zeppelin, whatever... all those things are there, it’s just different elements of those things. You make it shorter. It’s stripped down, it’s starker. The very melodic side of Can; the very textural side of Siouxsie. You take all those elements, and you take elements that maybe you weren’t exploring as much before.“


When founded in 1989, Gallon Drunk was forestalling the revival of Swing of the late 90’s, with their luscious Rockabilly and their oh so cool appearance. The acclaimed London bandwent through changes, each of its members playing in other bands as well (e.g. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Tindersticks, PJ Harvey, Lydia Lunch, Faust). Featuring founder frontman and former Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds member James Johnston (vocals, organ, guitar, harmonica, piano, and bass), Terry Edwards (bass, saxophone and percussion) and Ian White (drums, percussion), Gallon Drunk have refocused their utterly distinctive musical vision with a collection of impassioned songs, imbued with pure mania, despair and abandonment onto the new record „The Road Gets Darker From Here“. Songs of their energetic live session at Clouds Hill are now eternalized on 10” vinyl.


This band consists since 2008. Since then Andy Morgan was (vocals, guitar, keyboards) constantly searching for talented musicians who are up to his high standards and eventually found was he was loooking for: Jamie Macneal (guitar, vocals), Josh Hart (bass guitar, vocals) and Chriss Burgess (drums, vocals) are contributing enourmously to the high musical quality of their album „Add and Subtract“, which was recorded at Clouds Hill Recordings in 2011.


Léonore Boulanger grows up in the suburbs of the "Oulipo's poets" around Paris. She sings in French, German, improvises some unknown languages. The voice searches the lines and colors in an extra-European vegetation. Synesthesia. Impediment. Anomaly. Restart. Primitivism. She constantly travels to sing at street festivals, from Avignon to Ferrera to Friedrichshafen, until she eventually came to Hamburg in 2011 and started recording her album „Square Ouh La La“, which will be released on Clouds Hill in early 2013.


Who said that melodies were only for sentimental fools?
Well, they were wrong. They hadn’t yet heard about The Ape.
For not only won’t The Ape be fooled into believing feeling was foolish.
The Ape also know a thing or two about what melodies can do.
There is more to the melody than just the tune.
There is structure, there is rhythm, there is architecture.
The Ape’s melody lines are buildings. Buildings that move. Like a ship.
With The Ape the routes on which sounds travel are never just straight.
They take the crooked path, from string to jack, from jack to jack, through many circuits
in electric boxes that squash, mangle, de- and compress, batter and boost each sound
or roll it into—and unroll it from—the endless tape loops inside space echo boxes.
The spacing of the sounds inside each melody line
creates the structure within The Ape’s sound architecture...


The procedure of this band towards music is similar to the approach towards a white piece of paper, providing endless possibilities of transforming, changing shapes and colour. Folding Origami, taking time to build spaces and atmosphere, to build up expectations about each song. Their debut album was recorded at the Clouds Hill studio and will be published at Cloud Hill in 2013.