Gallon Drunk

Drunken masters return on ripsnorting form. James Johnston, Terry Edwards and Ian White pitching in on what they describe as an angry album. It could also quite possibly be their best yet. (Kris Needs)

Gallon Drunk »The Soul Of The Hour

Gallon Drunk »The Dumb Room

Gallon Drunk »Live at Clouds Hill

Vinylbox #3 »...Live at Clouds Hill

Gallon Drunk »A Thousand Years / Close The Blinds

Gallon Drunk »The Road Gets Darker From Here Releasedate 07.05.2012 UK only! 10.08.2012 worldwide

Gallon Drunk »You Made Me  Releasedate 16.04.2012 UK 20.04.2012 in D/A/CH