"The melodies are simple. They float above and just have to land at some point. But the words are sound, too. I collect phrases and words that sound good to me. Then I try to put them together like a puzzle until something like a theme emerges. The theme is always new to me, not necessarily something that I'm struggling with at that moment. Maybe it's coming from somewhere deeper, where I couldn't see it before. Often when I follow it, everything rhymes and comes together in an almost magical way. But sometimes, the thoughts fray and do not move. At least not forwards."

Allie - Number 1 (Vimeo)
Allie - Real Highlights (Vimeo)
Tour Dates
September 10th 2014 Allie Concert Café V Lese Prague Czech Republic buy ticket »
September 12th 2014 Allie Concert w/ Paper Beat Scissors Nexus Braunschweig Germany
September 13th 2014 Allie Concert About:Blank Berlin Germany buy ticket »
October 09th 2014 Allie Concert Aaltra Chemnitz Germany
October 18th 2014 Allie Concert King Georg Köln Germany
November 22nd 2014 Allie Concert Café Nun Karlsruhe Germany
August 23rd 2016 Allie Concert C / O Pop Festival Köln Germany buy ticket »

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